You know you have something special. You know where you want to go. Going above and beyond the role of a digital marketing agency, the BottomLine Impact Assessment is the map to get you there. We don’t just tell you what to do.
We tell you why you should do it.
Start your journey today.
BottomLine together with a client on a meeting to start the Impact Assessment | Elevate Your Brand

The Impact Assessment is a highly interactive engagement that is designed to dive deep into your business to craft a forward-looking strategic marketing plan. We build a foundation on real psychographics and market research, competitive analysis, audience listening which are reinforced with your strengths, purpose and true value.

BottomLine together with a client on a discovery process | Elevate Your Brand

It starts with the discovery process, where we sit down with the key members of your team to get you talking about all the things you like, dislike, would change and won’t change about your business. We get you thinking about your aspirations, what you’re really good at, and passionate about. It not only allows us an intimate look at your work, but you’ll also gain surprising insight from your team members.

Using data to analyze and interpret market competition and position | Elevate Your Brand

Then we crack open your discovery data, analyze your market position, your audience, your competition and future trends. We craft that into a plan that not only serves as a marketing and communications platform, but also a look at how your business’ TRUE value can be harnessed for growth.

Our Impact Assessments have helped countless innovators, challengers and underdogs hit the next level, find their true value and reach new audiences. Check out some real-world examples of our work.

New messaging brings new markets for 3D-P

3D-P brings innovative thinking and new technologies to the mining industry, providing technology-based services and products to enhance the productivity of the industrial community through wireless access to real-time data.

The Problem:

3D-P was experiencing slower market penetration than past years, finding themselves struggling to expand in new markets. They had dominated much of the North and South American mining segment but had their eyes set on breaking further into Australia, and opening new territory in South Africa.

How we helped:

3D-P sought out the BottomLine Impact Assessment to help them get through to a new plateau. Through the Impact Assessment process, and resulting research, we helped them to identify a potential issue: The target market they were going after needed to hear a very different message than what was being delivered.

The initial messaging took the assumption that the decision maker was uneducated. Upon the BottomLine team assessing the brand pillars that create impact, they realized exactly where to create the most impact. 3D-P’s premium solution enabled better productivity on a number of levels, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the companies who use your technology.

What was lacking is a consistent message driving those points home. The BottomLine research and customer avatars discovered that the top decision makers had a much higher level of education than the client initially assumed. Our team encouraged a change to a more educated and elevated messaging style, to avoid offending their highly educated target audience.

The Results:

The new messaging and style explored through the 3D-P website and marketing materials was the start of new market penetration. With their new materials and research, 3-DP was able to create much more targeted campaigns, stronger messaging and break into new markets.

A Strong Brand Voice Grows Medlior by 150%

Medlior Health Outcomes Research is an independent Canadian research consultancy based in Calgary, Alberta. Made up of a multidisciplinary (and highly educated) team, including seasoned biostatisticians and epidemiologists, Medlior uses their expertise to utilize anonymous patient data from provincial health systems to provide research-based questions.

Medlior’s ability to independently access and examine Real World Evidence provides expansive opportunities to inform patient-oriented research.

The Problem:

The Medlior team came to BottomLine looking for ways to raise brand awareness in their current market, and penetrate new markets outside of Calgary. They were losing out on new clients and deals to bigger, more established clients.

How we helped:

The BottomLine Impact Assessment process discovered that they were in drastic need of a new brand voice, and image. Their current tone, voice and look wasn’t resonated with potential clients. Medlior was encouraged to move towards a more exclusive niche, highlighting their team’s outstanding and expansive educational backgrounds, and their ability to

enable health care decision makers to make better decisions, through Medlior’s meaningful research based evidence. Their competitors didn’t have teams that were “stacked”, so to speak, like Medlior was, and a big part of their new branding focused on their in-depth Real World Evidence-based research and methodology.

The BottomLine team got to work with a new website that included a full database of research studies that their industry peers and potential customers could subscribe to that made their lives easier, from a research perspective, and also served to show off their knowledge base.

The Results:

The new look and feel of the Medlior website started gaining immediate attention, and the new database created a new revenue stream and started filling their funnel with potential customers who would be interested in having Medlior analyze their research studies in their database.

In addition to a rising profile domestically, Medlior opened up a new market in the United Kingdom. The company grew by over 150% in the time we worked with them.

Opening New Horizons for PilotsFriend

PilotsFriend is an energy drink brand that originates out of Europe, producing a simple, yet effective caffeinated beverage that was formulated in Italy to keep fighter pilots awake, agile and alert during their taxing missions. A popular brand overseas, PilotsFriend needed help cracking a new market.

The Problem

PilotsFriend was new to the Canadian market, and needed help increasing their brand awareness both in Canada and in the United States. They also needed to gain traction on retail shelves and get online with e-commerce offerings.

The client had little knowledge of the Canadian market outside of Calgary, and they needed impactful marketing to break into an already crowded energy drink market.

How we helped:

The BottomLine team got to work on an Impact Assessment that helped outline the target market and their pain points, with an emphasis on the healthy (or healthier) ingredients going into the product.

Our team then developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that helped them expand in Canada and break into the United States. The plan included everything from guerilla marketing tactics to social media contesting and an influencer campaign.

The Results:

Our web team designed and created an e-commerce page to help them sell products directly to customers, and also build a subscription based-service for customers who wanted regular delivery of the product, to immediate success.

The PilotsFriend organization utilized a strong portion of what they discovered in the BottomLine Impact Assessment to fuel their successful Dragon’s Den deal.

Building the Tools to Share Your Message

Putting your plan into action shouldn’t require a secret code. That’s why we’re always ready to help you build and craft the custom marketing resources you’ll need to take the first step .

Our team of qualified content marketing, digital, and business experts can help you build anything you need. From a marketing strategy plan to competitor analysis, we get you the right tools to share your greater value faster!

    Strategy Insights that Helps You Answer:
  • Why does my customer buy from us and not a competitor?
  • What do they love about our company and what value do we really bring?
  • What could we do better to help make their lives easier and sell more?
  • What are my competitors not doing that we should be?
  • What do our customers need to hear to purchase?

  • Social Media

  • Online Sale

  • Project Management

  • Email Marketing

  • News Media & Communication

  • Branding

  • Content Marketing

  • Full Website Design and Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Copywriting / Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Production

  • Email Marketing

  • Proposal/Sales/Investor Decks

  • Brochures

  • Sales Sheet

  • Banners

  • Trade Show Swag

You need it built? We can do it, and if we can’t, we can connect you with one of our trusted trade partners who can do it for you. Want to learn more?

Check out more real world examples of our work.


BottomLine and its President, Lisa Genovese, has been a strong supporter of Alberta IoT.

The Alberta IoT Association is a nonprofit consisting of organizations with a vested interest in the success of the Internet of Things in the province of Alberta.

Alberta IoT is a fast-growing organization that added a business accelerator program and a Centre of Excellence to its portfolio in 2020. With these new initiatives, we needed guidance on market strategy, as well as research on who our audience is, along with powerful messaging to serve and meet the needs of that audience.

BottomLine has been instrumental in building our go-to-market strategy while implementing and supporting our social media efforts along with any other necessary marketing collateral. Having a knowledgeable agency support us through our growth stage has given us the ability to be agile, to hit the right targets, and be successful in our market.

Brenda Beckedorf Alberta IoT

We knew what we were going to build and what our customers were going to use it for, but we did not have a clear vision of who our customers were. The BottomLine team listened to us and created a plan that would lead us to everything (and more) that we needed. BottomLine came back to us with well defined customer groups and what motivated them, a deck of market intel about our targets, how customers will see our company and a detailed path to increase customer engagement. A major part of our market is expected to be repeat business from existing customers.

Phil Craine Vermillion Power Technologies

We have been dealing with Bottomline Marketing for almost a year now, on a complete restructuring of our marketing plans, including a new website and social media platforms. They have been thorough and detailed in their research of our unique industry and completely adaptable to the specific advertising requirements of our regulatory board. They were quick to respond to questions or concerns that we had.

The team has been very responsive in suggesting changes along the way as deemed necessary by market responses to the new formats. They were progressive in suggesting new avenues when other avenues failed to work in our industry, and were always on top of the analytics and could explain in black and white what was and wasn’t working. When you think that there can’t be anything else to bring to the table, they pull another rabbit out of the hat.

Excited to see where the next few months take us on this journey. Highly recommend the team at Bottomline if you are looking for a new marketing plan.

Gerri Nykyforuk BNA Debt Solutions

Lisa and the team at BottomLine were exactly what App Guys needed. They listened to our problems, and crafted us a roadmap to get us where we need to be. From the impact assessment that lit our path to the sales collateral that is taking our brand to the next level, BottomLine has given App Guys a new energy and outlook on our business and client relationships. If you know where you want to go, but you aren’t sure how to get there, contact them immediately!

Ryan Hnetka Founder of App Guys Inc.

We are very happy to recommend BottomLine. They did a wonderful job for us and we’d recommend them to others as well. Thank you!

Rob Wilcox Coldwell Banker

Polite, courteous, responsive, proactive and extremely organized from conception to completion of our project, are only some of the many attributes we had the pleasure of experiencing! Thanks again!

Karen Cornell Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene

I think the results speak for themselves- We love BottomLine and definitely recommend them!

Sylvia Groves Governance Studio

We have no hesitation recommending BottomLine services. They did a great job setting up our new brand right from our logo through to our messaging and all collateral. Thanks for such a great job!

Daren Hill Erasoft

Our company had been putting off rebranding for years due to the time required and the cost. We were pleasantly surprised how easy and affordable the whole process was with Lisa and her team at BottomLine. Lisa listened to our ideas and was able to present various examples that were compatible with our needs. Our website was up and running within a few weeks and we are very pleased with the final result.

W Neil Probert Professional Corporation

I was referred to BottomLine by my business consultant who had very specific ideas about the colours, images and fonts needed for my brand. We were both very pleased with how Lisa and her team were able to find exactly what we were hoping for and to put it all together with a very professional look. I have had many positive comments from people who have seen it so far!

Tracy Poizner Homeopathic Medicine Practioner

Quite frankly I was dreading the process of creating a new brand. Working with Lisa Marie and her team at BottomLine was actually a highlight of my year. They were able to translate my business into a visual experience for my potential clients, in a way that was fun for me and required very little of my time

Adele Fedorak Leadership Coach and Speech-Language Pathologist

We are delighted with the help the team at BottomLine has provided us. It was an easy and fun process working with them to determine what we wanted and they were successful in capturing our thoughts and ideas. We were impressed with their prompt follow up as well as their always professional and friendly ways. We would highly recommend them!!

Susan Kandalaft President, Executive Solutions Ltd.

I’m am writing to you as a testament to the work you have done for me in the past . I found your company to be both efficient and very helpful. I know what I want but don’t know how to do it. You have succeeded in achieving my ideas and making them into documents I can then share . Your team was able to take my criticisms and make very prompt changes. I appreciate all the little things you put into each project , and look forward to working with you in the future

Amy Musgrove High Valley Horses

I am very pleased to give a sincere and heartfelt testimonial for Lisa and her team at BottomLine. Having built my own small business websites in the past I was a little apprehensive to hand over the reigns, but very quickly saw the immense value that Lisa and her team offer. Lisa made herself available to meet with me to discuss all of my options and what to expect, and she would later continue to patiently answer my countless questions about all things large and small. I am thankful for their creative ideas for streamlining my site, and also for their professionalism that made it a smooth and seamless process. Our result is a high-quality and professional site for our small business that stayed well within our budget and goal timeframe. Thanks so much again, it really has been a great experience and we are thrilled with our new site!

Carmen Morin Morin Music Studio Ltd.

BottomLine went above and beyond in developing The Write Harle’s new website. From the initial conversation about what I wanted the website to be to supporting me in image selection through to launching and beyond, the BottomLine team took the time to answer all my questions quickly and thoroughly. No matter who I was working with, I was treated with respect, never feeling as if any of my nit picky questions (my words, not theirs) were unimportant. The value of the team and ongoing support they offer is beyond compare. I feel more confident in my website, more knowledgeable about how to update my site, and have even received outside feedback that The Write Harle’s website is a much better reflection of who the company is now, building more immediate trust between my company and potential clients. This, along with their personal support, is the value of the team at BottomLine. Of course, the website turned out better than I ever could have envisioned and I would be more than happy to recommend Lisa and the team at Brand Logic to any small business looking for an effective website, supported by an even more friendly and effective team. Thank you!! Who’s awesome? YOU ARE!!!

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz The Write Harle

Throughout our Impact Assessment BLM first off helped further build on our system and processes, and worked with our team to prepare us to better introduce and implement our new proprietary process for our customers. We developed a further plan for implementation and also developed a series of infographic videos, blogs, newsletters, client video testimonials and other content to help educate our current, previous and new customers. The goal being to keep them engaged on a more regular basis, and in a stronger way. These are a few examples of things they have done to improve how we reach and speak to our target audiences and overall has had a huge impact for our business.

Corey Brannon C Brannon Construction

We have very much enjoyed working with the BottomLine team. Everyone takes a genuine interest in learning the specifics and nuances of our business, which is very important not only to us and building our relationship but also in ensuring the outcomes are hitting the mark with our target customers (which are somewhat unique to a “typical” market). They have been versatile and flexible as things have evolved and always excited to be part of our growth. The work that BottomLine has done for us has been critical in developing not only our go to market message that is external facing but has also helped us focus and refine our internal messaging and “rally cry”. This has created a consistent message within the marketplace, which is also being well received, but also resulted in a unifying force throughout our organization.

Wilson Acton Whipcord

It was a real pleasure to work with Lisa and her team at BottomLine. Our project presented a number of challenges, and the team worked diligently and creatively to overcome them. I love working with other businesses that have integrity, honesty and dedication to their clients, and BottomLine checks all of those boxes for me. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Lisa and her team.

Suzzane Levalley Longley Condos