What’s Your Emotional Impact?

Did you know that 90% of the decisions you make stem from the limbic system, or the emotional centre of your brain? That means that a large chunk of your buying decisions are also based on emotion rather than logic. When customers have positive emotions towards a brand, they can become attached to it. This leads them not only to purchase from the brand, but also to share it with others.

Creating an emotional response is an important component of impact marketing.

What’s your emotional impact on your clients? If you’re thinking through your marketing strategy and realizing that it’s mostly logic based, you’re not alone. Don’t worry! There are many ways to increase your emotional impact. First, you need to know which emotions to target.

What are the best emotions to try to evoke in your customers?

In a study by Jonah Berger, author of Contagious, it was discovered that articles creating a physiological response in the body were more likely to be shared.

The five emotions that are most likely to motivate someone to share are:

  • Awe
  • Excitement
  • Amusement
  • Anger/Disgust
  • Anxiety

The most positive emotions such as awe, excitement and amusement are ideal for ad campaigns and your website’s emotional impact. However, the other two emotions (anger/disgust and anxiety) can also be used in successful campaigns, although it may be a bit trickier to do so.

Viral content often evokes these emotions. Who doesn’t remember when Gangnam Style came out? It was an instant internet sensation that created awe and amusement in viewers. In the business world, the Dollar Shave Club snagged 12000 customers in their first two days of business with their introductory video targeting twenty-something metrosexuals. The video creates excitement, while also including elements of humour.

Ready to give it a try? Creating an emotional response is an important component of impact marketing. Get started by planning your next marketing campaign.

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A Greater Purpose: Why You Should Consider Having One

A greater purpose. This can mean many different things to different companies. However, there is some common ground that can help determine what a greater purpose means. It’s the idea that the company is doing something beyond making a profit. Whether it’s taking a stand to empower women, offering a natural, environmentally friendly product, fighting poverty, or improving lives, these goals that create meaning in our lives are important. Why?

  • According to a poll in Target Marketing Magazine, up to 89% of consumers would switch to a brand of a similar quality if that brand supported a good cause,
  • The Stengel 50 are the top 50 brands that centre their businesses around the ideal of improving people’s lives. They grew three times faster than their competitors and were 400% more profitable than investing in the S&P 500 (Havas Media Group).
  • People naturally crave purpose. Without it, we may suffer psychological difficulties.

As you can see, having a greater purpose is great for business. Not only does it improve your image among potential clients, but it also helps them identify with you, and can boost your bottom line. By engaging with customers through your greater purpose, people will easily align their values with that purpose and believe more deeply in your brand.

Here’s an example. Dove launched their Real Beauty Campaign in 2004 based on a global poll that stated only 2% of the female population thought that they were beautiful. Challenging stereotypes set by the beauty industry and encouraging women to recognize their beauty became their greater purpose. In the campaign, women of all shapes, sizes, colours and ages were represented.

Following the campaign, a new poll showed that 4% of women around the world said that they felt like they were beautiful. That’s a 35 million woman increase! Financially, it was successful as well. Dove has increased by $1.5 billion in sales in the ten years following the campaign (Advertising Age). That’s a 62% gain!

Feeling inspired? Begin developing your greater purpose or boost your marketing for the one you already have! BottomLine Marketing can help you communicate this effectively.

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What Makes You Remarkable?

What makes your company so special, uncommon and extraordinary that others can’t help but talk about it? What makes you remarkable is what helps you stand out from the competition. If you can communicate that special something that makes your company, product or service remarkable, others will notice, which is the ultimate goal.

How can you pinpoint exactly what it is that makes your company unique?

It may be obvious, or it may require some research to discover what makes you exceptional.

Here are some steps that might help you:

Check Out the Competition

If you do a comprehensive check through other companies in your industry, you’ll probably find a lot of similar advertisements, pictures, offers, etc. You can capitalize on this by creating something different. Identify what’s missing in your niche and leverage it. Then, it’s all about presentation. Showcase your remarkable quality in a unique way.

Here’s one example: Blendtec sells high-performance blenders. They showed just how powerful their blenders are by showcasing what they do best: blending. In short videos that quickly went viral, the company demonstrated just how sharp the blades are. But, they don’t blend fruit smoothies. Wooden boards, iPhones, car parts and more are featured in a series of “Will it Blend?” videos that have boosted sales by 700%.

Develop It

If you can’t find anything particularly remarkable about your product, consider going another route. Develop your own remarkable quality. Zappos is a company known for its extraordinary customer service. The fastest deliveries on the market for free, a cost-free return policy and the promise to order an out of stock product from a competitor are some of the ways Zappos stands out. This unique approach to customer service is what has helped grow their sales over $8 million in 9 years.

Now, go find what makes you remarkable!

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