The BottomLine


Leading with kindness and integrity, we create impact through service and fuel growth with discovery.

The BottomLine


We lead brands through growth to find purpose and create meaningful impact.

We’re the Swiss Army Knife of the business strategy world, and we aren’t your average digital marketing agency in Alberta. Our global team is made up of business leaders, project managers, designers, artists, coders, researchers, media experts, writers and more. When you work with us, you get the expertise of larger firms, combined with boutique passion and attention. Knowing you and your work matters to us.

Meet the BottomLine Team:

BottomLine's President, Lisa Genovese | You're An Innovator

Lisa Genovese President

BottomLine's Project Manager, Yemi Tanimomo | You're An Innovator

Yemi Tanimomo Project Manager

BottomLine's Operations Manager, Chanice Ann Uy | You're An Innovator

Chanice Ann Uy Operations Manager

BottomLine's Lead Programmer, Sanjib Kuikel | You're An Innovator

Sanjib Kuikel Lead Programmer

BottomLine's Finance Manager, Claire Gibalay | You're An Innovator

Claire Gibalay Finance Manager

BottomLine's Graphic Designer and Video Editor, Kissel Cablayda | You're An Innovator

Kissel Cablayda Graphic Designer/ Video Editor

BottomLine's Marketing Coordinator, Jesmael Galindo | You're An Innovator

Jesmael Galindo Marketing Coordinator

BottomLine's Social Media Expert & Copywriter Extraordinaire, Greg Callsen | You're An Innovator

Greg Callsen Social Media Expert & Copywriter Extraordinaire

BottomLine's Market Researcher, Arlene Wilkins | You're An Innovator

Arlene Wilkins Market Researcher